Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Just wanted to say thanks for everyone's support of my HP contest video. Don't forget you can vote once a day, and feel free to email it around to your friends too! Especially if I make it past this round after Sunday - for the final round of voting.

There were one thousand views in just one day yesterday - and a lot of positive feedback. This one is looking good so far!

Unfortunately, I still have not heard anything about the Stella contest and they have yet to update their website as of this morning (even though its 7am there right now).

The contest rules (for Stella) stated they would notify the winner "on or around" the 31st, so I have basically written this one off as a loss, but would still like to see who won if they would update their website. Thanks for everyone's support of that documentary, top 10 for me was a huge accomplishment!


better attitude said...

it's still at or around the 31st.!!! don't give up on it till they say it's over! You might be getting the CALL tomarrow because the 3rd is a better number than 31. YEP, it's hollywood trying to see if you crack under stress. I think I saw one on your forehead over your left eye. GOOD LUCK!!!