Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4 hours yesterday

Here are a couple of the sights from my 4h20m flight from yesterday. Went to the end of Rising Fawn and then to the Point, just kind of played around.

Am finishing up another contest video this week, will post on it when its watchable.

"The Point" - James Wesh and Bob Simmons, and some kind of business jet

Ice Breakers at some summer camp at Covenant College

"If you build it . . ." I will fly over it. Nice little personal baseball field near Cloudland Canyon

Monday, June 29, 2009

Contest Win Press Release

See the official page here:

Friday, June 26, 2009

EPA Contest - count it!

They haven't posted a press release yet, but I've won the EPA video contest they just put on. Here is my video:

Yesterday I flew 32 miles from Henson's to Lookout, very fun flight, but I didn't take any video or photos.

I'm working on: another contest video, Flytec 6030 instructional DVD, the surplus footage from the comps, and I'm learning about retouching photos - I didn't take this photo, it's just one I used to learn about retouching photos (click it to see the differences):

I'm still refining some things, but that gives you an idea.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Andre Wolf Interview

Congrats to OB for probably winning the day!

This is the extra footage from the Andre Wolf Interview. I'll have similar interviews coming from Jonny and Dustin. Instructions on voting HERE.

Here's that DIY dolly track that I built the day before yesterday:

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ramp Dive

Eric Donaldson is the pilot, Ricker Goldsborough took the photo.

Don't forget to keep trying to get my video up there to be able to rate it!

Got my 300th flight this past weekend, very fun. Today I'm building a diy track dolly for an upcoming contest. Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Using my camera mount from this past weekend. That's Ricker to my right in his new Moyes Litespeed S 4, which he is raving about. I love my little Litespeed S 3 - Moyes gliders just rock.

See below on how to vote for my new hang gliding documentary!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Steps to Vote

Here are the steps to be able to vote for my video:

I have made a short documentary about a friend of mine and about hang gliding competitions. I am hoping to make it in to the top 10, but I need all the votes I can get!

Here's how to vote:
1. Go to http://stellaartois.triggerstreet.com/ShortFilmProject/Intro
2. Click "Request Rating Assignment"
3. It will then ask you to register with their site to be assigned one to rate.
4. After registering, your assigned video should display, if it is not mine ("A Soaring Life"), then watch the one you are assigned all the way through.
5. After the video is done playing it will ask you to rate it with 1-5 stars.
6. Once rated you can click "Continue Rating" for another film to rate.
7. You can repeat steps 5 and 6 until you are eventually assigned mine to rate.
8. It may sound like a long process, but it would really make a difference since you can only rate a movie once for the entire contest.

~ note: you can rate only 8 at a time and then start again after 24 hours.

To just watch it without voting (please vote!) click HERE.

This could be a great promotional opportunity for hang gliding. Thanks for your help!

Feel free to copy and paste or link to this post to your friends and family. As I did last time I will be donating some money back into the sport if I were to win. Thanks.

Voting Update

Update: You can rate any video only once during the entire contest.

IF you are not assigned my film to rate the first time, let that video play the entire way through and you have the option to 'Continue Rating' and try to get mine again, and if you don't then you can let that one play through and request another till you get to mine...

I know this could be time consuming, but some time within the next 47 days I hope people will have a chance to do this.

Read below for the first post about voting. I'll continue to post clarifications if I find them. Please comment to these posts if you are having success or difficulty. THANKS!!!

Voting Begins!

Well, it's midnight and it's up! A 10 minute (that was the max. allowable length) short documentary I created on a friend of mine, Eric, and on competition hang gliding.

This contest is for $50,000, so I tried to go all out on this one. Unfortunately, voting is not so easy.

To vote for mine, it seems right now, you have to register with the website and then click the "Request Rating Assignment" button, and hope the one they assign you to rate is my video. But I think they'll let you rate three or so, so if you have time, watch what they assign you and see if you can try again. (click this text to register and be assigned one to rate)

To just watch it, go HERE (but I really need your votes too!)

There are 47 days of voting to select the top 10, then a panel of judges/actors (like Kevin Spacey) will pick the ultimate winner of the cash prize.

Thanks for your help and taking the time to register with their site and hopefully be assigned my video to rate!

I hope you enjoy the film, I will post updates if I figure more out about how the voting works. More to come...

Monday, June 15, 2009


Tomorrow, or maybe even midnight tonight, you should be able to watch the documentary here. And register to vote for it.

This is the big one, I tried to go all out on this one. I hope it represents hang gliding well and inspires a few to try it. And those who do fly, to give competition flying a chance.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Pic

Getting over 90 degrees!
Wingovers are so much fun to practice! Tomorrow looks like it might be a decent day for flying too.

One thought I had today, is that I've never heard anyone say "The movie was so much better than the book." It seems like movies can only ever be worse or maybe just as good as the books, but never better. Comment if you can think of a movie that was better than the book.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Pic

Thanks to Joel Davison (two s's?) for taking this picture of me on Tuesday.

I uploaded my short film "A Soaring Life" to the Stella Artois contest website yesterday. IT's DONE! But they haven't, and looks like there's no plan to send me a confirmation email that it uploaded, and there is no way to watch or even check to see that it uploaded correctly on their website. For a $50,000 contest I'm surprised about that. I sent them an email to ask, but will probably not hear back. I hope it uploaded! We'll find out on the 16th I guess.

This guy lands in trees at 3:20, not sure where the LZ was anyways.

Clear Ridge 5 24 09 from Peter Rosen on Vimeo.

A moment's hesitation cost me a(nother!) tree landing! It was soarable, but I missed the chance to fly above launch, and the headwind kept me from reaching the LZ.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday pic

Nothing like landing right in front of your house . . .
Got an hour flight in yesterday.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Photo from hotel soaring, that's a light bulb in the foreground, random beach trash.

Doc. update: Music is done, now just blurring out logos and adding titles to interviews.

Will probably skip out on work early today to go fly.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


See who did win the Taxslayer contest here. I JUST FOUND OUT THIS IS THE SAME GUY WHO WON THE $100,000 FOR THE KLONDIKE BAR CONTEST (I had a video in that one too)! ARGHHHHHH! THIS GUY HAS JUST WON ANOTHER $25,000! This was my entry.

I've got one left in a contest yet to be decided for the EPA. Here is my entry into that contest.

The documentary is being scored now and should be available for public viewing on the 16th here. I titled it "A Soaring Life."

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

58 miles - First Tandem

Angela and I go tandem for the first time yesterday morning!

If a dream-come-true flight in the morning with Angela wasn't enough, that afternoon I flew 58 miles: Lookout to Hensons and back to Marion County Airport with Terry Presley. Eric Graper, Eric Donaldson, Greg Heckman, Claire Vassort, and Jeff Nibler were the other pilots in the crew who flew. Thanks to Wayne Walker for driving we all had fun flights. I maxed out at 7,300' MSL with 3 hours flying.

The goal was to do the, never-done-before flight of going from Lookout to Hensons and then back (or vice versa). After yesterday I think it is totally doable. Terry, Eric D., and I made it to Hensons and worked back and Eric D. was just short of the airport where Terry and I landed. Jeff landed at Big Daddy's near Nickajack, Heckman landed at Hensons, and Claire and Eric G. landed in the Sequatchie Valley before making it to Hensons.

Eric Donaldson on glide over the river almost to Inman's Point.

Jeff Nibler's rig

Final Glide (click for larger image) - Got one turn in before landing

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Video! Beach Soaring

Enjoy - this is the footage I took the day we soared the abandoned hotel, during the Florida Ridge meet. Make sure to click the 'HD' version!