Monday, September 21, 2009

AZ Flats | Day 1

Click on pictures for larger versions (captions are below each picture).

Between turnpoints one and two

Resort and take off (its the V in bottom right)

Desert vs. mylar

Dustin Martin

Launch Line

Landing Short . . .

Jeff O'Brien making goal

The misquitos are bad.

Today was a blue day (no clouds to mark thermals) - everyone took the last (second) start time since it was kind of a later day. There was a HUGE gaggle in the start circle - all 32 pilots where in one thermal together at one point.

After the first start everyone went for it and it was a great time - going on glide with a ton of people at like 7,000' overlooking the desert and mountains of Arizona - beautiful!

Today's task was a box with goal back at start - 5 people made goal with the last leg being pretty difficult since it seemed to be a lighter day and in to the wind on the last leg. Results are HERE.

Of the Treetoppers that flew - Stinnet kicked butt (8th for the day) as well as Ricker (12th) who came in later behind Eric (19th) and I (17th), we already landed and Ricker edged us out a by a few miles - Trevor (25th) landed after the first or second turnpoint, and Stinnet had made it with the front guys when everything slowed down after the last turnpoint.

Overall a good day - I had been flying with the lead guys (the few who made it into goal, until I made one wrong decision that landed me 25 miles short of the 68 mile task).

Tomorrow I find out about the HP Video Contest - stay tuned - I could be $40,000 richer tomorrow (before taxes ;) ).


Anonymous said...

great pic's! Thanks for the full update :)

paint2fly said...

Really like the BLOODY SKEETER pic. kinda like that here at home, it aint stopped raining since you boys left. Great pics. looks like a wild place to fly and a super sweet place to chill. Hope you kids kick it in full gear today and make goal with(or in front of) the TOP DOGS. Good luck with the HP call, and dont spend it all before you get some back to the WIFE!!! FLY HIGH, GO FAR, STAY SAFE!!!

Anonymous said...

So you won the HP contest! Way to go, hope you finish in a happy place at the Flats too!!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS LUCAS! Great flying and great totally deserved it.


Anonymous said...

I guess I won't have to give you guys "gas money" to get back home, now!!! LOL!

~Bouchi (Dustin's mom)
re: Winning HP!