Saturday, September 26, 2009

Last day pics

Sending these from from phone so sry for the short post. I totally
messed up the start, missed going with the good guys, caught up with
Eric and Ricker, not sure where Ricker ended up but Eric and I had a
hard time after the first turnpoint. I landed about 8 mi short of the
second turnpoint (finishing half the course).

This was a great meet and I learned a lot and got to know some folks a
lot better, looking forward to the next one! I landed at like a
garbage dumpster cemetary today. Enjoy the pics. When I landed I had
about 150 emails of notification about comments on the hp video. I
still can't believe there's a link to it from youtubes home page!

I've got to fill out a w9 to recieve the prize too, once I get the
laptop I'll post pics and a short review too.

Here's a link to my track log from today:,-111.85237121582031&q=