Monday, September 7, 2009


What a coincidence: I found out I was in the finals and I wanted to raise my hands up and shout for joy and at that same moment happened to be flying my hang glider and needed to flare to land anyways - WOOHOO!!! ;)


I made the HP finals!!!!!!!!!!

What this means is: as a finalist I have won $2,500!!!

But now I have the chance at the top 3 prizes which are determined by YOUR VOTES! (1st $40,000, 2nd $25,000, and 3rd $15,000)

PLEASE vote once a day, starting today (labor day, 7th) until this coming Sunday (13th).

>>You can vote by going to HP's page or by going straight to the video and use the little pop-up voting window that comes up after several seconds in to watching the video