Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One Leg to Fly On - Short Film

The film I was shooting for today, yesterday and tomorrow is for a very short (<5 minutes) video about Tip Rogers who is a fantastic and enthusiastic hang glider pilot who happens to have lost one of his legs in a boating accident many years back. It is great to get to hang around him with his very outgoing and fun personality. Stay tuned to see the short film on him.

Until then check out this sick video of Jonny flying the Morning Glory - Congrats Jonny, that looks awesome!


paint2fly said...

That is the COOLEST thing ever!!! I was watching Johnny's sight during his quest for GLORY, now to see it is just insane. Maybe one day you could be that cool.( i said maybe, got a way's to go, good luck with that) Nice landing shots! Already on your way to lookin' cool! Keep it up, have fun this week! PEACE n HAPPINESS

Anonymous said...

hanging out with tip.... i wouldn't know a thing about that.