Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Tweet | Day 6 of Voting

Yesterday I set up a Twitter account (, mainly to use for the Santa Cruz Flats race coming up so I can provide updates more frequently.

On the right sidebar of this blog there is a window for the tweets so you can come here to see them too, and not go straight to twitter.
Today and tomorrow are the last days to vote for my HP video.
I also set up a Google Reader account yesterday, which was intimidating at first, but it is going to save me a lot of time and make things easier, I recommend people give it a try. It is especially useful for blogs like mine.

Check out the video below, but its basically one place to go to get updates from all different websites that you choose to be updated about, only when there is new content. So no more going to a many websites, wasting time, just to be dissapointed there's nothing new to look at. You can go to one place, Google Reader, and see what's new. To subscribe to my blog with it, just choose the Google option under "Subscribe To" in the top right sidebar of this blog, a new window will open and choose the Add to Google Reader option.