Monday, December 29, 2008

It's Real!!!!!!!!!!

I wasn't going to believe it until the check came . . . and it did!

I just want to thank everyone again who took the time to vote for me! This has been an awesome and very encouraging process. It just shows that if you have an idea and continue to pursue it despite setbacks, you will succeed.

The setbacks, for me, were all the contests I didn't win, I've entered a lot! Here the one's I did not win: Full Throttle, Klondike, XGames, Sandisk, Post-it Notes, Trackstick, Nesquik, Schick, Microsoft Sync, and PUMA. That's 10 different videos that each took a considerable amount of time, some more than others, that all ended without anything to show for it. So to win this one means a lot to me, so thanks again to everyone!

The kid in me was screaming to get out and I obliged yesterday. After days of mulling it over and doing my research on the different brands and products I bought a Samsung LCD HDTV and a Playstation 3. Last night we watched Apacolypto on Blu-ray and it was awesome! We had seen the movie before and its a pretty gruesome movie, but it looked even more gruesome in HD on that tv. Things stood out before that we hadn't noticed as much. We also rocked out our Guitar Hero game that is going to be awesome.

Friday, December 26, 2008

XGames Failed!

Oh well, they chose two sledding videos and a pogo stick video for the three finalists of the XGames contest. I think its weird they chose two sledding videos. Maybe it's good to lose sometimes, makes winning even better:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Funny Sketch 2

This isn't as offensive as the last one, anyone else think this stuff is funny?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Funny Sketch

This is one of the funnier SNL sketches I've seen them do in a while, maybe its just my humor -

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Photoshop Boredom

Angela and I in American Gothic, I think I look like Jerry Seinfeld or something, I did a bunch of other ones too, this is probably the worst.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Feel free to laugh at me:

It's an outtake or blooper video so it's a bit random. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Thanks for everyone's support! Everyone at Lookout, the Treetoppers, Ozreport, folks, all my friends and family really pulled for me on this one! Thank you! You all are the one's that voted for it and I couldn't have done it without everyone's support.

This is like an early wedding present for us - some of this money will definitely be going towards our honeymoon! It's also such a relief for it to be done too, I actually lost sleep over this contest several nights, it took me a while to go to bed last night.

I actually found out last night only because I can check my email on my phone (don't have internet at the house) and saw from an email that 'JackieB' made a comment on my post last night, so thanks for commenting you are how I found out I won! We had been driving around Trenton trying to find a wireless signal, but Krystal turns off their router or something when they close so we couldn't get on to see.

I also pick up my Matrix harness today, I got new leg loops sewn in that have separate buckles, instead of connecting through the waist one. I hope to test it out today if this incessant rain should choose to stop for a few hours this afternoon.

Tonight I am going to try to edit together a little video, so come back here tomorrow to see if I posted it on youtube, or go to my youtube channel and subscribe and my new videos will automatically show up on your youtube home page:

Thanks again for everyone's support. I may post where some of this money is going so check back in and see, but for now I may just get $1 bills and roll around in it like Scrooge McDuck. But unlike him I do plan to donate some of the money. Oh and next stop: the XGames! I find out on the 26th if I made the finals of that contest.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'll be up tonight to see if I've won!

It should be up tonight, they say the 18th (tomorrow), and they've posted the other results around midnight on the day of, so hopefully we'll find out tonight.

Now that I got my youtube background done, they are changing the layout, so now I have to remake it! (see post below)

I hope to make a video of just outtakes from all the ones I've done, subscribe to my videos so you can see when I post it and laugh at me:

Monday, December 15, 2008


Left: looking from windtip towards nose, can see washout in the tip
Right: leading edge, I only made half the wing, that nub in front is the nose

I began using a free program called Blender ( to model my hang glider to learn how to use the program. I only made half the wing so then I could double it and flip it over so both sides are symmetrical.

I hope to slowly learn this program to create a hang gliding video game, special effects in videos, or create an animated cartoon. I may just get frustrated with such a complicated program and give up, but we'll see . . .

I made a new background for my youtube page. Go there ( and check it out and SUBSCRIBE to my videos! That helps motivate me to keep making them if I know a lot of people are watching.

I also made a new camera mount that is going to get some sweet shots - will post them if I can fly one of these rainy days this week. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Friday, December 12, 2008

- I Can See You! - Massive Rain -

Google Analytics is an awesome free service Google provides and it just helped me yesterday with the contest:

I got an email from a person helping run the contest and they noticed people were going to their contest page from my blog and so they wanted to know how many people view my blog to get an idea how well their viral advertising worked, and presto! I generated a report from Google Analytics, one of which I can see where all the people are that are viewing it, and if they're new or returning. (Click on the image to see it better) This one is only for one month, and I can click on individual countries and states to see it better and scroll over cities to see the number (a bigger circle = more views from that city). So maybe I got some brownie points there with the contest.

I also got a youtube message from my tie competitor and he was nice and mentioned that he asked the contest people if him and I would find out before the 18th and they said no, so it was nice of him to send me that message.

I got home from some training in Atlanta and the LZ is flooded and creek road is totally flooded from the little bridge all the way to the gravel entrance on the south end of the field (behind me in the picture). I meant to bring that picture to post too, but forgot it. Will post it sometime . . .

Thanks again for everyone's support in the Excedrin Contest, next up - the XGames!
My video is posted here on my blog a few posts down, check it out! Don't forget to subscribe to my youtube account too!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dec. 18th

One more week! I stayed up tonight thinking they'd post the winner because there was nothing in their official rules that said otherwise, but now I guess its Dec 18th, so more waiting . . .

Thanks for everyone's support! I feel like I've just ran a marathon with everyone cheering me the whole way - Thanks to everyone, I'll post here again when something happens

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mudslinging Last Day!

Today is the last day to vote!

I will find out tonight if I won $15,000!

I am worried about the power of the frat boy and his friends, they've already been slinging mud on my comments for the video, which I choose to leave up. I noticed some people put 'yawn' or 'zzzzzzzz' as a comment for his video and he deletes them, afraid of a little criticism. Also, you can read on his channel comments him saying he's glad I won the 2nd round and in the finals because he thought the yo-yo guy would have been harder competition! He also has been thumbing down all the positive comments people have made on my video. He's pulling out all the tricks - so help me out and vote one last time today!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Final Stretch

Starting today, Monday, through Wednesday is the last round of voting.

I was telling Angela, as corny as it sounds, even if I lose I feel like I've won because I have had great support from everyone I talk to. I am up against a guy who ties neckties kind of fast, I think a lot of people could do what he does, but I am not getting my hopes up and trying to stay realistic about my chances. I'm obviously biased, but neck ties or hang gliding kind of seems like a no brainer, but you never know.

My brother also brought me back to reality by saying that it's really a contest for $10,000 with taxes, especially with the Lipton contest $5,000, I should be saving a third of the money to pay taxes - ouch! It's still a lot of money though! And with the wedding and honeymoon coming up it would definitely help there.

Edit - Forgot to mention that this weekend was the treetopper christmas party - good time had by everyone with excellent turkeys from Ricker and many side dishes from Jeff Nibler, there was a keg and a warm fire outside. Keith Atkins got the well deserved Treetopper of the Year award and I among a couple other new guys were voted in on the Treetopper Board of Directors -

Friday, December 5, 2008


Woot! ! ! Now my competitor is to be chosen: either a guy who ties neckties or a guy who loads a projector with film. Thanks for everyone's votes!

Final voting is MONDAY, TUESDAY, and WEDNESDAY.

What would you all do with $15,000? (Make comments below)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Last Day and XGames Video

Today is the last day to vote in the semifinals:

Below is my new video in a new contest for the XGames! I highly reccomend you not watching it on my blog, instead go to the video on youtube and watching it in 'high quality' by hitting the link above the number of views. Youtube butchered the quality of the video, so that's why I say go there and not watch it here on my blog (

It's in the following contest:
I think this contest will be the best exposure for hang gliding out of all the contests I've been in so far because if I won they would play the video at the XGames! There won't be any voting until they pick the 3 finalists on Dec. 26th so for right now you could also rate my video high, 5 stars, when you go watch it on youtube to make it look good so they pick it for a finalist.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Round 2, Day 2

Thanks for everyone's support! Davis at the Oz Report put up a post yesterday, everyone at are always up for voting, the Treetoppers are also all over it and everyone here at Lookout. I even bug people through emails and facebook to vote for me and they're always enthusiastic.

Got an email from the Full Throttle ($10,000) contest I was in, and it doesn't look good. They replied to my email saying they're verifying the winner, which isn't me I guess since they never contacted me, oh well, I think this Excedrin contest is going to be the one!

Thanks everybody!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Today Round 2 starts and I'm up against a professional yo-yoer.

Go to: to VOTE

You can vote for me ONCE a day for the next three days, and if I beat this guy you can vote for me again after the next round is done (3 more days) to help me be the winner!

Thanks for everyone's help!

Last night there was a little get together at the club house for Steve and Catherine who will be moving back to Canada after stopping through at Kitty Hawk. Next weekend is the Treetoppers Christmas party too. Other than that it is beginning to be pretty quite around the flight park. I might be moving out of my Aeros Viper harness and into a Moyes Matrix if I can get it to fit right, any thoughts? I'm going to get Chris Smith to help me out, he's got ads on the Oz Report for the sewing and work he does.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Tomorrow - Tuesday

Tomorrow Round 2 starts!