Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Win some and you lose some | Day 4 pics

Just recieved an email that I did not win the Stella Artois Short Film contest . . . you can't win them all I guess (and I don't know who did win yet) . That one was a great learning experience and I know I have improved since completing that project only a few months ago. It was an accomplishment just to make the top 10 and I'm very happy about that.

I really appreciate everyone's effort and help on that one from everyone in the film (especially Eric), to the musical composer, to everyone who took the time to figure out how that confounded voting system worked. It was a great experience and I would do it again even knowing the outcome now.

Today, as mentioned in my last post, was blown out (wind is too strong) - so Dustin, Jeff, and I headed off to Picacho Peak for a little hike (pictured below with some other photos). It was a good quick hike and once on top we watched three peregine falcons cruise around, once there was two of them spiraling down together, very cool to see.
The top left peak is where we hiked to

Trevor gets serious during our paper airplane competition today

A little desert dust on the national organizations bumpersticker


Anonymous said...

them Stella folks don't know nuthin'! what was the winning film? Why'd it take 'em so long? Can't they see a winner even after it sits on their desk for another three weeks longer than they needed? the HP people know!!! keep up the excellance in your workin' and flyin'. ROCKIN' IT IN AZ.!!!