Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mammatus | Healthy Community

Some nice little mammatus clouds were at sunset yesterday as some of us were hanging out.

This place, the flight park and surrounding area and it's community, reminds me of a passage I just heard (got the audio book) from Malcolm Gladwell's 'Outliers.'

In it, he describes a town that has no heart attacks, everyone is relatively healthy, although most get little to no excersize and even suffer from obesity, but that people were dieing from nothing but old age. What was discovered there was the importance of community and its health benefits. Here's a passage:

The townspeople in Roseta had built a “powerful protective social structure capable of insulating them from the pressures of the modern world. The Rosetans were healthy because of where they were from, because of the world they had created for themselves in their tiny little town in the hills.”

Sounds like the place I live.


Anonymous said...

what a nice sentiment Lucas. thanks for sharing. i too am very thankful for our little community in the hills.


paint2fly said...

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! We are abunch of happy life lovin' folk! It is my understanding that LMFP stands for LUCKY MOTHER F---IN' PEOPLE.! Just something I heard from a visiting pilot once. I'm not so sure about the sick thing though, because there are more than a few SICK people around here. :)

olehere said...

You guys rock - see you later this week, I am going to try to get closer to my tow rating. I am enjoying the early morning pictures of the landing field. I miss opening my tear drop door and seeing the fog lifting...

Lucas said...

Thanks Doug, good luck on your tow rating. Glad you enjoy the pics, I guess you saw the most recent one, from this Sunday morning.