Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rainbow | Day 4 Voting

Here's a stitched together panoramic photo I took of the LZ yesterday after if finished raining (click it to see a larger version). Notice the rainbow on the left side.

Day 4 for the HP contest - a big thanks to everyone who is going the extra mile and passing this on to their friends and family - that helps by an exponential factor!

My video has gotten a lot of comments too, some are kind of funny because they try to knock it. One guy started with "This is so gay..." - I could remove these kinds of comments but I think they're funny when people show what an a** they are (then again that last comment probably came from a 12 year old, so maybe they'll grow out of it). Another one last night just said how mine is so unoriginal and not creative and if I wanted to see that I should come and watch and vote for his - not the best strategy to garner more votes if you ask me.


Brad said...

Hey Lucas,

All of the videos and photos you do of the air park are really incredible, you have me sold. Last weekend I did the Introductory Experience, Eric was my tandem pilot... what an awesome experience (sorry to repeat myself... I mentioned that in an earlier post). I need to use the coupon by tomorrow... gee do I feel like doing the Mountain, or, the Eagle package? Any thoughts?

BTW... best wishes on the HP video!

Lucas said...

Hey Brad, Thanks for your comments on my blog.

Send me an email at lucasridley at gmail dot com and I'll give you my thoughts about the packages they sell.