Monday, August 31, 2009

New HD Hang Gliding Video | Voting!

Today voting starts on the HP Semi-Finals.

You can vote once a day starting today until Sunday the 6th, then if I make it past this round of voting there will be one more round to determine the grand prize winner.

Here's how to vote:
-Go to:
-Click the "View + Vote" button (but it should already be up)
-20 videos will appear, click mine ('Life is an Adventure - Lucas')
-Then a thumbs up and down will appear to the right of the video. Click thumbs up ;) they only count thumbs up so it won't help to vote down other videos.

Below isn't the contest video, it's one I made yesterday with a bunch of extra footage I've accumulated over the past 8 months, I hope you enjoy it and I hope you have time to support my video making efforts by voting for my contest videos - Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hey man! Good luck on the HP video and I hope you win! Do you have to be logged in to vote? For, I don't have a YouTube account.

Also any word on the Stella Artois Contest? That was a pretty great video and I hope you win that one. If nothing else that is AWESOME that those industry people will be seeing some of your great work.

The judges seeing your work could lead to some great things with you looking for more work in your actual passions of hang gliding and videos.

Anonymous said...

The, Life Is My Adventure" is your BEST one so far!

Good Luck! :)

Ray said...

Hope you dont mind me posting this one. Like it to hit the OZ report, also. Also,,like to share our "Playing" with other birdwannabes ! and wuffos !

Kathryn said...

Great vid! Hope you win!

What editing suite do you use? Looks pretty professional!


Lucas said...

No word on the Stella Contest still, I'm assuming I didn't win.

Thanks for posting.

Kathryn: I use the Adobe software suite. But I'd like to try Final Cut Pro someday, but I don't have a mac. to try it on.

Kathryn said...

Thanks Lucas! Best of luck in all the comps...both hang gliding and video!

Anonymous said...

you know what they say about people who ASSUME!!! keep up a happy attitude, don't let 'em smell your FEAR. your a BIG WEINER in our eyes!!! oh, maybe thats spelled wrong.

Roiann said...

Love it!

Administrator said...


Your videos are really enjoyable to watch. You have a talent for this, and, I wish you success. I'll be voting for you. Friday I finally tried hang gliding at Lookout Mountain Air Park. What a fantastic experience.

Lucas said...

Hey Anonymous (Brad), I read your post about your tandem, sounds like you had a good time!

Thanks for your help in voting for my videos, I find out today if I made the finals of HP contest.

Hope you get the bug to learn hang gliding some time, it's a blast.