Friday, May 1, 2009

Last Day of Florida Ridge Comp

Getting in launch line today
Didn't make goal today - went 60 of the 101 miles. It was tough, for me, there was really high clouds that I think made it harder. But there were still some cummies popping way off in the distance that when I finally reached the edge of them, they were dying and I was low at 2,000.

I'm looking forward to the rest day tomorrow, before the Flytec Rally where we'll fly to my front yard (LZ at lookout). I hope it will happen, I haven't had time to check the weather.

I think 10 people made goal today, everyone is hanging around the florida ridge eating and drinking, waiting on the results. I don't know where I placed yesterday because Davis printed out the results without a lot of people scores, and he hasn't updated them. We'll see.

I'm just glad I have had safe launches and landings this whole comp.

Ollie made goal, maybe first, Eric landed short as well as James. We were lucky to have a nice landowner let us back in his field to pick up James' glider otherwise it would have been over a mile hike out (picture of car above). We lost Stump, he decided to head home and skip the Rally.

Got another bird analogy for today: there was one thermal I just started turning in and bird came in from the left maybe 15 feet away from me and below (pretty close). It was like he was the school bully who cuts in the lunch line and looks over their shoulder to see if you make a fuss. Anyways, the bird flew in fast right in front of me and hung there for a minute while it looked over its shoulder (wing) at me.