Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 4 - Flytec Race and Rally

Picking up Ollie

Pilots Meeting

Went about 30 something miles of the 70. A lot of people didn't make it out of the 9 mile start circle today - pretty hard day. No one made goal.

I was 7th for the day and am now in 10th overall - the two best placings I've had for a day and overall.

I started out with Davis, two rigids (Ollie and James), one of the Brazilians, and Kevin Carter. We all got spread out trying to stay up in the start circle. Ollie and I ended up together working along low and getting pushed off course line because of the crosswind.

I don't know the full story but Linda broke her arm today. I hope she is doing well.

The first pic from yesterday is what the sky looked like when I decided to land (forgot to caption that yesterday).