Thursday, May 7, 2009

One state forward, one state back

We drove back 4 hours to Quest today to finish the comp. It didn't look good moving forward, lots of rain.

Ollie says tomorrow looks like the best forecast he has ever seen. So we should expect a task to match the conditions tomorrow.

I think the only reason I've been placing high (in 10th now overall) is because these haven't been race days, but trying to survive days. With the better weather, it will be more racing the next two days, and I hope to learn something because I'm not that good at racing.

The three tugs all flew in together late this afternoon. Bobby Bailey spun and I got a few pictures of him above.

I'm still waiting to hear back about the EPA public service announcement video and the videos I did, see my youtube page here.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!

paint2fly said...

SUNSET CENTERFOLD !!! DUDE, that is some real purdy pictures if i ever seen one. you git all them color FX from photo shop or you just got that ARTIST EYE? them's some shots for the magazine for sure! FLY GREAT !!! HAVE FUN, STAY SAFE!

Lucas said...

Those are the real deal, no photoshoping there. Thanks for your comments.