Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 3 - On way home

Today was a much tougher than yesterday. It took me 4h45m to go 90 miles today where yesterday I went 86 miles in 3h10m. My vario also showed, at least the air I flew in, that the 10 second average of thermals was almost half as strong as yesterday too.

But I did make goal again, I was last and the sun was setting. I had to take 150 fpm and milk it to make the final glide into goal. And of course once there I couldn't get down and hit like 400 fpm, typical. Today also had a little crosswind in the course line which made it a little hard too.

Some highlights for me was thermaling with a bunch of straw. And it wasn't just little strands but entire chunks. Some even got caught in my side wires. Imagine a straw bale being scattered over your head from high above, now just reverse that image and be in a hang glider at 5,000' - the straw was coming up at me! I also enjoyed the many birds that came close to me as if we were like strangers passing by on a side walk.

Me and Eric in the launch line


goal field


Steve said...

You guys are doing great. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

DAMN LUCAS!!! WAY TO HANG WITH IT! doing great down there young jedi. keep it up today! really like the pics. of you n Eric, and the day before of Eric looking over his shoulder at you. good stuff. FLY HIGH< FLY FAST< FLY FAR!!! STAY SAFE