Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday Flyin - May 30

View of Chattanooga and TN River Gorge from Sequatchie Valley

Flew all day - 9:30am: tandem flight to get my T1 rating.
afternoon: 2 flights at Hensons, then sled run at LMFP.

Only got to the end of the ridge on 2nd Hensons flight, landed with Eric. Had fun, the sledder was cool doing wingovers and landing near the spot.


Lia said...

TANDEM PILOT LUCAS?!!! I'll go with you. see if you can throw my weight around, you scrawny lil' thing you. good on you Lucas. Gonna be workin' for the man? or just so you can take your sweety, or me?! gotta start catching up with you when i get home. keep flying, havin' fun and staying safe!!! HI ANGELA