Monday, March 2, 2009

Dropping like the Dow!

Well, I dropped from third to fifth over the weekend and to two really bad videos, I mean you have to see them to believe how bad they are.

So now I'm 21 votes from being back in third in the Jim Beam contest, but my video has gotten a lot of good star ratings (see previous post), so thanks to everyone for your help! Also just noticed, someone made a video with the same title as mine! wtf!

The viper is sold! But I still have the matrix for sale if anyone is interested!

Below is a funny picture from a college race, the conference meet a few years back. Can you tell the photographer is standing in the middle of the course? If you look at my face I think the other guys are overreacting a bit - I came in third in this race, behind number 21 and 17 from Depauw (I'm to the right in purple, the one without the mohawk).