Friday, February 27, 2009

New Video!

I'm staying in third in the Jim Beam contest, and getting votes as much as the other top two, so their lead is staying the same. Today I'm posting a new video of a contest I'm in, but don't forget about the Jim Beam one too, I need your votes!

Okay, I'm posting the link instead of the actual video because I need stars!

I just posted this thing and I already have a one star rating! So the jerk-faces of the world are already at it to try and make my video look bad to the judges. Go to the link provided below to watch my new video and give it a 5-star rating if you think it's worth it. Thanks!

This contest is for and they pick the finalists in a couple weeks. If I have a bunch of ratings then it will make my video look better. BUT, one of my competitors has like 8,000 subscribers on youtube which they will all vote for his and give mine a bad rating, like they've already done. Search on youtube to see the competition. The one with 4,000+ views right now is the guy with all the subscribers.