Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Flying

Saturday there was a crew of 14 or so pilots at Whitwell. I launched third and flew to 'Dunlap Int'l' by myself (7 to 8 miles?). It only took two climbs to get there.

While I was breaking down Ricker and Trevor showed up. Ricker took this picture with Trevor in his new T2C. The rigids made it to Hensons.

Sunday was really good for some. The rigids (Ollie, Stinnett, Lee-team) went to the Sequatchie valley and did a 100km task! Others towed or foot launched at Lookout and some got high (7,800' - good job Ricker and Jeff Nibler). I foot launched and struggled to get to 1,000' over the mountain at a time that a lot of people got flushed out which I did as well.