Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ultrasport 135 FOR SALE

I'm selling my WW 135 Ultrasport, suitable for pilots in the 125-210 weight range. It is an INTERMEDIATE glider.

It has about 80 hours on it and the sail and everything is in great shape. There are only a few cosmetic spots on the sail, but this glider has a lot of flying left to do! Last time I flew it was June 08. I've got a topless now, so that's the reason I'm selling. This thing is a thermaling machine!

Make a comment if you want to see more pictures and I can email them to you. It's located at LMFP in Georgia.

See this glider in action here and here

____Asking $1000, or make me an offer!_____


jcorry said...

I'm somewhat interested. Looks like it's in good shape, I'm looking for a glider that will help me get back into the sport after a few years off. This looks like a low stress option.
What's your hook in weight on this wing?

Lucas said...

Hi Jcorry,

I hooked in around 150 maybe. Are you a H2 or H3? How many hours did you have before taking time off? I think it would be a good option if you flew an intermediate wing before and felt comfortable on it. What was your last wing? Cheers.

jcorry said...

I'm an H3...met all the H4 requirements but didn't have any local instructors (Hawaii) who could sign it off.
I have about 75 hrs of foot launched mountain thermal experience on a Ram Air and a Sensor 610.
I'd LOVE to find a Sensor, but there aren't very many of them around anymore.
You're only 150 with harness and everything!? Me with gear is probably closer to 185-195

I'm interested! I'm planning a day of launches and landings at LMFP later this month, then some flying with Clark at TTT...maybe I could get a flight on your US?

andres said...

Hello Lucas,
Iam quite interested on this one. Is it possible that you send me more detailed or hi-res photos of the blemishes on this one? Any hard whacks to consider? Anything that needs to be changed or pay attention to? Can you ship to Laredo TX?

Srikanth said...


I went through your request in internet, about selling hang glider. I
am intrested in purchasing it, can you please send the latest
photograph of the glider and can you also be able to ship it to INDIA.

Awating for your responce..


Lucas said...

Send me an email at lucasridley -at- gmail dot com

Gabriel said...

Hi! Im from Ecuador and I'm going to Florida on the last days of November.
I'm looking for some options and I'm very interested in the glide.
I'd like o know actual conditions and how can I pay. thanks

Lucas said...

Hey gabriel, send me an email at lucasridley 'at' gmail 'dot' com