Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sixth - email from the contest - dropped grad school - Fav Photo

Moved from 5th to 6th (Jim Beam Contest) today as a video jumped about 100 votes in a few hours to be in 2nd. People are pulling some weird stuff with the voting.

Luckily, voting doesn't count for much right now - I found out today from an email from the contest administrators. Being the good citizen I am I just sent them a note saying you might want to watch as there are some weird things going on with voting. I got a nice reply that said to pick the top 5 the judges don't look at votes, votes will be reset once the 5 are choosen. Quote: 'the votes are just for fun right now.' Which is probably true, but couldn't hurt to have a bunch of votes.

Dropped out of grad school today - now I can be a real hang gliding bum (but I do still have a job).

I'm going to post a few photos over the next couple days from my trip a few years back when I soloed Aconcagua (22,841'). This one is the third day of the hike to base camp 'Plaza Argentina.'