Friday, February 6, 2009

Harnesses FOR SALE

Okay, I'm selling two lightly-used harnesses. One's too big for me and the other's too small. Below are pictures and descriptions. Contact me at lucasridley at gmail dot c o m.

First the Moyes Matrix:
The size is: Shoulder height=145cm, chest=97cm, hips=103cm
It's just a little too big for me. I'm asking $800 (new its twice that). I just put in $180 in it to get different leg loops, but that didn't work out (see below).

I had separate leg loops made that had their own buckles, but that hung me too low in the harness. The original setup is still there too: having the leg loops come up between your legs and loop through the waist buckle:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Now for the AEROS Viper:
I've been flying in this one for about 8 months and its just too small for me in the hips. Everwhere else its snug, but the hips are too small. I have about 36 inch hips and its made for someone with 34 inch hips (I'm 5'8 and my chest is about 35.5"). Other than that I love this harness, it has a butt plate that is easy and quick to use, holds two chutes, and neoprene shoulders to tuck in your elbows for clean flying. I'm asking $600 (new is like 3 times that).


mauricio said...

Hi, i´m interested in the aeros viper, I´m 168cm tall and slim, I see the hip and chest size is ok for me, does the harness come with parachute?, and where is located?. I saw you have a video of Dustin Martin in your blog flying in Ecuador, are you his friend?, I´m from ecuador, he sold that T2 to a friend. regards mauricio".

Lucas said...

Hi Mauricio, Sounds like the Viper might be a good fit for you. It has two side parachutes. One is some kind of gore, basic parachute and the other is a metamorfosi. The metamorfosi I will keep for my next harness, but I would sell or include the other one with the viper harness. It is located near Chattanooga, TN. The video of Dustin was from Jeff O'Brien's blog, but I know them both from the Big Springs comp this last year. Let me know, my email address is in the description of this post.

mauricio said...

Hi Lucas

I´m Mauricio, I bought the aeros harness some time ago, I want to ventilate the parachute but I need to know what model is it,could you tell me please,and if you have the manual much better.

thanks so much


Lucas said...

Sorry Mauricio, I never had a manual for this harness