Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'll be up tonight to see if I've won!

It should be up tonight, they say the 18th (tomorrow), and they've posted the other results around midnight on the day of, so hopefully we'll find out tonight.

Now that I got my youtube background done, they are changing the layout, so now I have to remake it! (see post below)

I hope to make a video of just outtakes from all the ones I've done, subscribe to my videos so you can see when I post it and laugh at me:


JackieB said...

Wow! Congratulations. I see that you won!!!!!

By the way, your fiancee's horse is beautiful. If she's interested in visiting with other horse lovers, we've got a great forum called Baywind Farm Forum and are always happy to welcome a new member.

Lucas said...

Hey Thanks!

I got an email last night that had your comment in it and that's how I found out I won! Thanks!

I'll tell her about it, thanks for the invite - she loves those animals!

JackieB said...

Thanks for the kind words on your post. I'm glad that my message got to you and you didn't have to wait until morning to find out you had won.

If your fiance' decides to check out our forum, I'm sure she will like it. There are numerous members from the Southeast, too.

Congratulations again. Much deserved win.