Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Today Round 2 starts and I'm up against a professional yo-yoer.

Go to: http://www.youtube.com/excedrinexpressgels to VOTE

You can vote for me ONCE a day for the next three days, and if I beat this guy you can vote for me again after the next round is done (3 more days) to help me be the winner!

Thanks for everyone's help!

Last night there was a little get together at the club house for Steve and Catherine who will be moving back to Canada after stopping through at Kitty Hawk. Next weekend is the Treetoppers Christmas party too. Other than that it is beginning to be pretty quite around the flight park. I might be moving out of my Aeros Viper harness and into a Moyes Matrix if I can get it to fit right, any thoughts? I'm going to get Chris Smith to help me out, he's got ads on the Oz Report for the sewing and work he does.


Mark Dowsett said...

Good luck with the Excedrine contest -I've been voting for you every day and posting your entries on my site (http://goflyxc.com).

I'm up in Ontario...where is 'Steve and Catherine' moving to (I don't know them).

Do you have a Matrix? What is your issues with it?