Thursday, December 18, 2008


Thanks for everyone's support! Everyone at Lookout, the Treetoppers, Ozreport, folks, all my friends and family really pulled for me on this one! Thank you! You all are the one's that voted for it and I couldn't have done it without everyone's support.

This is like an early wedding present for us - some of this money will definitely be going towards our honeymoon! It's also such a relief for it to be done too, I actually lost sleep over this contest several nights, it took me a while to go to bed last night.

I actually found out last night only because I can check my email on my phone (don't have internet at the house) and saw from an email that 'JackieB' made a comment on my post last night, so thanks for commenting you are how I found out I won! We had been driving around Trenton trying to find a wireless signal, but Krystal turns off their router or something when they close so we couldn't get on to see.

I also pick up my Matrix harness today, I got new leg loops sewn in that have separate buckles, instead of connecting through the waist one. I hope to test it out today if this incessant rain should choose to stop for a few hours this afternoon.

Tonight I am going to try to edit together a little video, so come back here tomorrow to see if I posted it on youtube, or go to my youtube channel and subscribe and my new videos will automatically show up on your youtube home page:

Thanks again for everyone's support. I may post where some of this money is going so check back in and see, but for now I may just get $1 bills and roll around in it like Scrooge McDuck. But unlike him I do plan to donate some of the money. Oh and next stop: the XGames! I find out on the 26th if I made the finals of that contest.


David Glover said...

Time to prepay for Big Spring for the next 20 years! Great Job. I voted 100 times a day, maybe they only counted one but it felt like I was doing something.

Lucas said...

Thanks David!
I'll miss it this year - honeymoon time!

caro said...

congrats !
what's our cut ???