Monday, December 15, 2008


Left: looking from windtip towards nose, can see washout in the tip
Right: leading edge, I only made half the wing, that nub in front is the nose

I began using a free program called Blender ( to model my hang glider to learn how to use the program. I only made half the wing so then I could double it and flip it over so both sides are symmetrical.

I hope to slowly learn this program to create a hang gliding video game, special effects in videos, or create an animated cartoon. I may just get frustrated with such a complicated program and give up, but we'll see . . .

I made a new background for my youtube page. Go there ( and check it out and SUBSCRIBE to my videos! That helps motivate me to keep making them if I know a lot of people are watching.

I also made a new camera mount that is going to get some sweet shots - will post them if I can fly one of these rainy days this week. Thanks for visiting my blog!