Monday, December 29, 2008

It's Real!!!!!!!!!!

I wasn't going to believe it until the check came . . . and it did!

I just want to thank everyone again who took the time to vote for me! This has been an awesome and very encouraging process. It just shows that if you have an idea and continue to pursue it despite setbacks, you will succeed.

The setbacks, for me, were all the contests I didn't win, I've entered a lot! Here the one's I did not win: Full Throttle, Klondike, XGames, Sandisk, Post-it Notes, Trackstick, Nesquik, Schick, Microsoft Sync, and PUMA. That's 10 different videos that each took a considerable amount of time, some more than others, that all ended without anything to show for it. So to win this one means a lot to me, so thanks again to everyone!

The kid in me was screaming to get out and I obliged yesterday. After days of mulling it over and doing my research on the different brands and products I bought a Samsung LCD HDTV and a Playstation 3. Last night we watched Apacolypto on Blu-ray and it was awesome! We had seen the movie before and its a pretty gruesome movie, but it looked even more gruesome in HD on that tv. Things stood out before that we hadn't noticed as much. We also rocked out our Guitar Hero game that is going to be awesome.