Friday, December 12, 2008

- I Can See You! - Massive Rain -

Google Analytics is an awesome free service Google provides and it just helped me yesterday with the contest:

I got an email from a person helping run the contest and they noticed people were going to their contest page from my blog and so they wanted to know how many people view my blog to get an idea how well their viral advertising worked, and presto! I generated a report from Google Analytics, one of which I can see where all the people are that are viewing it, and if they're new or returning. (Click on the image to see it better) This one is only for one month, and I can click on individual countries and states to see it better and scroll over cities to see the number (a bigger circle = more views from that city). So maybe I got some brownie points there with the contest.

I also got a youtube message from my tie competitor and he was nice and mentioned that he asked the contest people if him and I would find out before the 18th and they said no, so it was nice of him to send me that message.

I got home from some training in Atlanta and the LZ is flooded and creek road is totally flooded from the little bridge all the way to the gravel entrance on the south end of the field (behind me in the picture). I meant to bring that picture to post too, but forgot it. Will post it sometime . . .

Thanks again for everyone's support in the Excedrin Contest, next up - the XGames!
My video is posted here on my blog a few posts down, check it out! Don't forget to subscribe to my youtube account too!


David Glover said...

ThunderStorm in Oklahoma?

Lucas said...

Oklahoma? That pic is from my front yard - the lz at lookout - I want to ground skim over that thing!