Friday, August 1, 2008

Practice Morning

Got to stop by Wally World to pick up knee pads so I save my knees on the concrete in case a weak link breaks and a dog stake so my glider doesn't get tossed by a dust devil.

Next up going to the airport to get some practice flights in.

I think I'm going to go with the normal release, even though I've been pro towing because on the LMFP-made release there are three points to distribute the weight (as opposed to two on pro tow) and the weak link is over a wider area than the release used for pro towing which is like a butter knife, so in my opinion the weak link will be easier to break on pro tow than with the normal release. That is a concern of mine so that my weak link doesn't break too easily coming off of the cart. Any comments, thoughts?

I will try to be posting at least once a day and give an update on the meet, so check back to get updates if you're interested.


Steve said...

James Stinnett, Stump, Big O, you and Eric along with the world class driver Mr. Wispy in the holy land!!! wow. What a team. Fly high, fly far, fly safe