Thursday, July 31, 2008


We loaded the gliders in the rain and got on the road at 9pm and now in Mississippi at 1am!

With the gliders on the car, it is now a very expensive and precious vehicle!

Over the drive, Ollie (left in picture) entertained us with stories of rattlesnakes, dust devils, thorny landings, praire dog holes to fall into, towing off of concrete, and many other dangers we may face over the next week. I'm now thoroughly scared, but still excited for the BIG Texas air!


Ray's blogger said...

Very glad to see you started a blog. Having Ollie & James Stinnet in the truck all the way to the meet,is a great learning opportunity in itself.
Good Luck to all of you in Texas.

Lucas said...

Thanks Ray - Yea, I have already learned a lot!