Saturday, August 9, 2008

Last Day -Big Springs

This morning was the spot landing competition and it was pretty interesting. Only about 10 pilots stepped up for it, and Eric came in 3rd! It was already honking around 20 mph this morning. O'Brien came in first. Below is the video of Eric getting third - I am going to make a video for youtube in a week or two of everything I got from this trip, but I didn't get much footage.

It sounds like its some zig zag task today, with a headwind last leg, sounds tough. It will be a 56 mile goal.

Ollie, Stump, and I aren't going to fly today. Eric and James will fly. If Eric flies and gets 125 points he'll tie with me, which I'm sure he will and more so he'll beat me for the total comp.

That's okay with me because I've accomplished much more than I thought I would at this meet: two 100-miler days, got goal twice, and finished in the top 10 yesterday (10th). But today is shaping up to be similar to the day when we chose not to fly because it was too strong (tug's on the ground were almost getting tossed).

I'm just glad to come home unhurt, and my glider in one piece. Yesterday, a glider got tossed by a dust devil on their landing and threw a wing into the ground hard enough to break the carbon fiber leading edge. The pilot was safe. The tug pilot that crashed earlier in the week is now out of the hospital and walking around fine.


Ray's blogger said...

WOW ~~ Erics landing,,,as close as it was, in those honkin' conditions,,got 3td? shame, dam good landing.