Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wrap up

Big Springs is over and I'm already missing it. Mostly because I had to go straight to work and drive to Charleston 12 hours after we got back to go to a conference.

Eric had a great last day and some how the results got messed up and don't show it but he was one of the few who made it in to goal that last day. They may have gotten the wrong track log from his GPS because he didn't delete the one from the day before, but he told them that when he pinned in. If it had been any other day than the last day it would have been more likely to have been fixed. James had an incredible meet making goal every day and making the 214 mile day, but came in second behind Cambell Bowen. It was a close meet for those two.

I hope to get a video up on yotube by next week, which I'll post here too, of all the footage I took. I will also try and post updates and pictures from other flying exploits, hopefully the Team Challenge competition coming up the first week of September too!