Friday, August 8, 2008

Morning Seven

This is a picture of the instrument mount I made so that I could put my GPS on with my vario. It's been working great! I just found the hardest kind of plastic thing at the grocery store, cut out a piece of it, drilled a hole for the vario mount (the big black circle thing at the bottom of it) and then I can just tape the GPS to it. The bed was probably a bad choice to take a picture of it on because it looks like a magic eye or something now.

There's speculation that today is going to be a long task since its the second to last day and the last day is usually not really long since people have to start leaving. James threw out the idea of another 200 miler, but I'm thinking closer to the mid 100's, we'll see in a couple hours, but if it is long it might be late before I post anything.

The other picture was on the front page of the local newspaper a day or two ago.