Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day Three - Big Springs

Today all the Treetoppers made goal again! ! !

It was a 109.6 mile task today with a turn point 68 miles out that then put us into a cross wind for the rest of the way to goal so we would avoid airspace near Lubbock, TX. James Stinnett did make the 214 mile goal yesterday, the only rigid to do so, but today Ollie came in first for the rigids. He broke his ptt somehow so we didn't hear from him the whole flight. James and Mark seemed to be talking to each other and helping each other out.

Eric got up to 12,700' today and I stayed lower trying to catch up to him! I got low twice, but was able to get back up. I thought I was going to black out from the G's of one thermal I hit on glide. I honestly don't think I have done that many G's in a wingover before! The best climbs were around 700 fpm, but it was pretty rough getting in and out of them, especially if you were below 5,000'.

After the turnpoint it was pretty weak and sparse lift, and I was worried about making it. I landed around 6:10pm with a lot of other pilots at goal. The video below shows me racing into goal (the airport below), which I came in very high, but I made it and that's I cared about today. Jeff O'Brian was first into goal today for the flexi's.

We got word that one of the tow pilots crashed after everyone was towed up and broke his arm. Not much other information on that right now. I actually pinned off at 1,500' over because it was so rough today.

Ollie thinks it may be blown out tomorrow with maybe some rain Wednesday, both maybe a product of he hurricane headed our way.