Saturday, August 2, 2008

BIG Springs - Day One

MADE GOAL! The task was a 76.6 mile downwind task to another airport. A lot of people made goal today. I wasn't fast but I made it, got to 800' at one point but climbed back out. Maxed out to 10,500'! Eric and I found each other about 15 miles away from goal and navigated our way through a big blue hole on course line. James, Ollie, and Stump all made it! It was a personal best in distance and altitude, it was a great time. It took Eric and I about 3 hours to make goal. The day got bigger as it went on, cloudbase went from about 7,500' to 10,500 over the three hour flight. The rigids were on the ground long before the flexi's so they didn't experience the higher cloud base. All in all it was a great day, everybody in our group made goal safely! Great way to start the trip! Now on to dinner and some sleep!

The results for the day just came in and I'm in 17th which isn't surprising considering how slow I went from climbing out from 800 feet and farting around trying to figure out how to get around a blue hole. My 'goal' for today was to make goal and I did so I am very pleased with that. My GPS said my batteries were failing only 30 minutes into the flight so I was turning on and off my GPS to see where to go. When it was off I just headed toward other gliders and then I would turn it back on to verify I was going the right way. Once Eric and I were flying together that helped me get to goal.
Flex wing results:


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Congrats to you & the Team !