Friday, August 28, 2009

Old School

With the possibility of making a living creating videos, its fun to think where I started.

I originally got a kick out of filming rock climbing which I started around age 15. I won my first video contest around 2001 with a rock climbing video I made and received a long sleeved pull-over and a set of indoor climbing holds. Now, I'm hoping to win $50,000 on Monday. And if not, I'll have another chance at big money with my HP video (voting starts Monday - Monday is a big day).

I filmed this video in 10 second increments on hand-fulls of floppy disks, because one floppy could only hold 10 seconds, so we had to time everything just right. Here is that camera I used. It was for a website that eventually went down, and looks like it's back up though:

Edit: I had originally posted one of the first videos I uploaded to youtube, but then I realized that wasn't the right video - I'll try to find it but I think it's on a hard drive that failed...