Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Semi-Finals! | 30 miler

Yesterday I landed after flying 30 miles from Lookout Mountain to 'Dunlap International.' It wasn't too difficult getting over Nickajack lake (pictured), but once in the sequatchie valley things were a bit more difficult: rough thermals, blue holes, and getting blown down wind.

While waiting for a ride I checked my email on my phone where I had an email from the HP contest saying I made the semifinals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What this means is a new round of voting begins this coming Monday, between me and 19 other people, to try and get the top 4 spots out of those. IF I do, then it will be down to one last round of voting between each top 4 people from the 6 weeks, which makes 24 people.

So get those mouse fingers ready for some voting starting this Monday, you will be able to vote once a day for a week. Also, on Monday (or "on or about" as the rules say) I will hear if I wont the Stella Artois contest.

Click images to see larger versions.

Flying over Nickajack Lake.

Claire and I breaking down our Moyes Litespeeds

Eric Graper coming in for a landing.