Thursday, August 13, 2009

Top 10!!!!

We did it! - a big thanks to everyone for voting on the documentary film, "A Soaring Life."

It has been picked out of 140 films to be in the top 10! That means some hollywood folks are going to watch my video, with the other 9, and decide who gets $50,000!

Please head over and vote for my other contest as well, you don't even have to register, and you can vote once a day!


sick 'o yer MUTTS said...

CONGRATS!!! Married, Movies, BIG MONEY!!! You kids got it going on. super stoked for you dude. I think i voted on almost every other Damned film they had but never got yours. glad I could help! now when them hollywood types see how cool our sport is and how cool we are as people( oh yeah, this is about Eric) they might want you to help with a big budget adventure film where all your friends could be the stunt doubles. you could be Ben Stillers. anyway, GOOD ON YA!!! y'all git home and get your dogs off my poarch.