Monday, August 24, 2009

Voting Revealed

I figured out the voting for this contest:

Tomorrow I will find out if I made the top 20 for the 5th round of finalists. If I do, the voting so far will mean nothing, because that has been for the 'community award,' which is for those that aren't chosen as finalists (by judges).

If I am chosen as a finalist for my round, then voting will begin between us 20 of that round to determine top 4 and I will be removed from eligibility of the 'community award' and will now be going for the grand prize. So the votes I'm getting right now won't count and would start fresh for this new finalist voting. This is done for all the 6 rounds. So in the end there are 4 for each round so then there's 24 finalists.

If I make it to the 24 then voting starts all over again and that determines who wins $40,000 is the grand prize. We'll see if this works that way. On their 'channel' there are a ton of comments saying how theirs isn't showing up, and this isn't working. They still only have the week 2 finalists up when it should be on to like week 4 or so.

Thanks for staying tuned and seeing if I am a finalist tomorrow . . .