Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Helmet Design - Wild Mushrooms

Took today off work and got creative with my visor.

Found these wild mushrooms at a secret location this weekend. They are the most prized mushrooms of mushroom-hunters - Morel Mushrooms. We had them with a cream sauce and they were awesome.


Greeneyed_doll said...

Nice morel mushrooms! Lucky you. I would love to find some of these. I have never had one and want to try them. Just curious....what kind of ground cover did you find them in and what types of trees were nearby? I am near Memphis and have read about them but never really looked for them. This is a cool site with a lot of info about them. http://www.thegreatmorel.com/
Thanks for posting ths pic.

Lucas said...

Hey, Thanks - it was really fun finding them.

We found them actually in a landscaped area, under old (probably 100 yr old) tulip poplar trees (some call them yellow Poplars).

I don't think it was the species of tree necessarily because all the old trees just happened to be that species, I'm sure if there was another tree that old, they'd probably pop up around them too.

I even found one growing out of gravel next to a tree!