Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Day Flying - Made Goal!!!

3,000' over goal - need to get dialed into my new Flytec 6030 a little better so I come in more like 500' over

Goal Field

The forest fire thermal - that's not clouds thats smoke!


Made Goal - it was like a 75 km goal. Quite a few people made goal today, I'm waiting for my GPS to be uploaded right now, we'll see how the standings are tomorrow.

I was pretty slow, but am just glad I made it to goal at all. The lowest I got was about 1,200'. About a dozen birds saved me near the forest fire and I climbed up at about 800 fps.

Ollie and James also made it, Eric landed short and Stump chose not to fly.

Pictures to come tonight - they're taking too long to upload!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

ROCK ON LUCAS!!! good job! keep it up. try not too make your friends feel like losers! (its a joke Eric, settle down) hold your breath when climbing smoke stacks. no telling what kindsa crazy things people got growin in the forest swamps of florida. you could end up getting too HIGH! DO IT AGAIN! GOOD LUCK

Laura said...

sweet! how did the birds save you?

Lucas said...

Hey Laura - the birds saved me because it was like flies to a turd - they just started swarming around, circling, and marking a thermal for me so I just adjusted my position downwind of where they were passed on the the strength of the wind and boom, there it was, a big thermal that saved me thanks to the birds that marked it for me.

Anonymous said...

you fly in floating turds? that must be a bit harder to breath than the smoke. and the taste? maybe your used to that flavor, but it can't be healthy for you. keep up the good work, don't get any pooh in you eyes. GOAL, GOAL, GOAL, rest of the week set up for you.!

Laura said...

okay, I see. thanks for the explanation.