Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FL Ridge Day 2 - end

Made goal again!

Tougher day than yesterday, it was an 86 mile task and I almost decked it in no-man's land only about 35 miles into the task. Even with that I was much faster today than yesterday. It took 2h10m for 46 miles yesterday and today it was 3h10m for 86 miles.

I went on glide from about 5,200' and didn't hit anything substantial and got down to 900' - plus my radio wasn't working so I couldn't tell our awesome driver, Dale, where I was.

I picked out a landing field and got over it and started working 200 fpm and waffled in that for about 30 minutes and finally got a boomer at about 700 fpm. Got back up and took off again, and never got below 3,500' for the rest of the flight.

Coming into the the small goal LZ I came into ground effect and was whizzing past all these animal bones beneath my feet - pretty intimidating scene as I'm trying to have a safe landing.

All the Treetoppers made goal today too!

I've also got to thank Steve Kroop over at Flytec for the 6030 - that thing is awesome!

Launch line today



Anonymous said...

YOU BOYZ are AWESOME!!! GOOD JOB AGAIN LUCAS! was those parts of your competitors you were chewin on during final glide? bit 'o extra weight too git your extra speed on.? do it again!!! YOU SO COOL!!!