Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 3 (of flying) - beginning

90 mile goal today, there are 2 waypoints before goal waypoint, so a little more complicated course today. The winds are supposed to be a lot lighter today too, so it might be even a harder day than yesterday. I just hope I make goal again!

The results from yesterday are here.

Eric came in 10th and I came in 13th. I'm in 15th overall, definately the highest placing I've had in a meet, but we're only two days in. Paul Tjaden clipped a pole that was in the middle of the landing field yesterday and hurt his shoulder so he's heading home to recover, but might be back for the rally. Other than that everyone has stayed safe so far.

The 'Dream Team' got a big lead from yesterday, they're 2,000 points ahead of the US team.