Wednesday, July 22, 2009

LMFP - Hensons - Marion Co Airport

I thought I had the never-before-done flight in the bag yesterday, of going to LMFP, Hensons and back to LMFP, until high clouds destroyed my chances.

At one point I could have gone over the gorge area, and towards the 'point' on lookout mountain where it was still sunny, but risk sinking out over the gorge with no lz's and unknown terrain.

It was tempting, but decided for the safe route and land at marion co airport (pictured below).

Flight time maybe 3.5 hours, around 58 miles, highest cloudbase was 7,200' (very good!), and best climb was one 900 fpm. Trevor flew and got to Henson's, other folks went towards Chilhowee. (edit: Had about a 7mph headwind coming back from Hensons)

I've done this flight one other time.


Anonymous said...

very very cool! it all looks so lush and green down there while Tom L adn I are building arks to get around in.... PK