Wednesday, June 3, 2009

58 miles - First Tandem

Angela and I go tandem for the first time yesterday morning!

If a dream-come-true flight in the morning with Angela wasn't enough, that afternoon I flew 58 miles: Lookout to Hensons and back to Marion County Airport with Terry Presley. Eric Graper, Eric Donaldson, Greg Heckman, Claire Vassort, and Jeff Nibler were the other pilots in the crew who flew. Thanks to Wayne Walker for driving we all had fun flights. I maxed out at 7,300' MSL with 3 hours flying.

The goal was to do the, never-done-before flight of going from Lookout to Hensons and then back (or vice versa). After yesterday I think it is totally doable. Terry, Eric D., and I made it to Hensons and worked back and Eric D. was just short of the airport where Terry and I landed. Jeff landed at Big Daddy's near Nickajack, Heckman landed at Hensons, and Claire and Eric G. landed in the Sequatchie Valley before making it to Hensons.

Eric Donaldson on glide over the river almost to Inman's Point.

Jeff Nibler's rig

Final Glide (click for larger image) - Got one turn in before landing


you know who said...

thats just great. You and Angela look so cute and happy doing your first tandems while i'm ground bound having to read about your AWESOME flights with MY friends. If I wasn't homesick, feeling sorry for myself already this would get to me. BUT LUCKY FOR ME I'M JUST FREAKIN' HAPPY FOR Y'ALL. yeah, really freakin' happy for you. : ) No, really that is super cool that your doing tandems, and can take your lovely girl. How excellent to be able to share the joy of free flight with your Love strapped to you! and y'all's flight across the valley makes me ready to get home and play with y'all in our front yard! till then, peace n happiness STAY SAFE , HAVE FUN, DFU

Lucas said...

Thanks! It was a blast - hurry back now ya hear.