Tuesday, July 14, 2009


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Haiti is a beautiful, albeit incredibly poor country (the poorest in the western hemisphere). I am glad we made a visit and reminds me how much traveling makes you appreciate what you have and happiness isn't measured in money or possessions.

Angela on ride to Mountrouis. There was definately a UN presence and the word on the street is it is much safer, no more kidnappings.

Ice Truck

Photocopie anyone?

Cooking Oil. In the market in Mountrouis - this old lady poured it into an old plastic bottle, she also sold motor oil, which is in the orange bucket in the lower right of the picture.

The sisters on the beach.

Hang gliding potential: One good thing about the deforestation would be the amount of lz's and top landable places. One bad thing is the number and quality of roads. It would be a fun country to explore by hang gliding - this is what makes me want to learn to paraglide so I could hike up and launch. Has anyone ever flown across and entire country before in one flight? I think Haiti would be like a 120 miler or so on first glance. (The highest point in the country is almost 8,800').

I drew in a quick possible route.

Long ridge line between Saint-Marc and Port-au-Prince (see foreground for wide-open lz's)

Closer up mountains

Looking North of the bay that's near Port-au-Prince


Keith Bien said...

great photos. thanks for posting. i'd love to see more.


Lucas said...

Thanks - I took more photos with film so I need to get them processed first and then I'll try to get them up.