Friday, July 17, 2009

News clip from last night - Hiremytv ad

Trenton, GA Man Wins Environmental Protection Agency Video Contest | WDEF News 12 | News, Weather and Sports for Chattanooga and the Tennessee Valley

Written part is also HERE.

No word yet on the $100,000 contest that's mentioned in the news cast above. The top 10 finalists are supposed to be notified by July 24th and will be chosen by this criteria: Entertainment Value (0-20 points); Humor (0-20 points); Originality (0-20 points); Feasibility to record as an advertisement (0-20 points); and alignment with the CareerBuilder brand (0-20 points).

I really like the video I made for that one, hope it makes it. There should be public voting if I do make the top 10 - so Stay Tuned!


Laura said...

congrats, Lucas! and good luck with the big contest.
I got my pilot's certificate this weekend, finally!!