Friday, July 3, 2009

Short Article

Chattanooga paper:

Angela got her first soaring flight yesterday!

I don't have any photos now because I got out the old FM10 and am using slide film (Fujichrome Sensia 100) to see how the quality of that compares.

Apparently it would take something like a 24 megapixel digital camera to do the same resolution as a 35mm - here. I'll be curious to see the results.

Uploaded my new video to the contest yesterday. Hopefully it will be available for viewing soon. Today is the dealine for submission.
Voting begins August 1st.

Leaving for Haiti Sunday, gone about 10 days.


olehere said...


i posted a couple of pictures of you and Ang on me blogspot: olehere and there. It was great to see you fly together.


Lucas said...

Thanks Doug!

AWESOME photos!