Monday, October 12, 2009

First Video Blog (Vlog) Post

I'm not sure if I'll keep doing these, but I just wanted an excuse to play around and reenact a scene from Twilight that I think is funny (when it's not supposed to be).


Anonymous said...

Cool video blog with the Twilight spoof. Glad to see you got the check for the HP contest and it looks like they gave you more than the $40,000. That might be because you won a smaller contest earlier too.

Did you figure out what charitable organization you were going to donate some of the money to?

Keep up the good work and great job with hangliding efforts in comp as well.

Hope all is well in Chatt town.

Lucas said...

Thanks - can I ask who that was who made that comment? The extra 2,500 in the check was because that was from being a top 24 finalist in the HP contest, I 'll be getting a laptop too.

I've donated money towards my wife's outreach efforts in Haiti and a little towards a friend who is helping children in Ecuador. I'm hoping to do more though.